List of Projects 3D Design, Prof. Nevins
Image: Sardi Pax,

1. Introduction to the course. Introduction to blender. Set up Google drive. Place first image in drive.

2. Introduction to cycles render. Created lighting and a material for the basic cube… Place it in a photographic environment.






3. Project three. Serial planes. Take a square plane and repeat and offset it by 10° increments. Set on a base and render as a diffuse white material.






4. Render a cube using glass. Create reflective environment. Explore shadows.







5. Altered radial serial planes. Use the array modifier.

How to video






6. Mesh modeling exercise. Create a series of glass bottles.







7. Three-dimensional cube grid. Render using glass material and interior light.







8. The wireframe modifier… Create an interlocking array of tetrahedra as a high relief in a grid pattern.


Create a single wireframe cube and light it video








9. Wire sculpture explorations using the strange attractor plug-in

How to video






10. Creating twisting Torus using the XYZ math function. Explore brass gold and copper materials.








11. Create a porcelain ceramic shell and other curvilinear forms.










12. Create a coiled steel and class spiral using the screw modifier.












13. Radial solids using array modifier. Create upright form. Explore glass.









14. Mesh modeling… Create a porcelain ceramic mug. Create duplicates, change materials and colors.

Video by Tutor4u







15. Explore more radial arrays.











16. Create a high relief morphing grid using a platonic solid.











17. Create a wireframe grid with  spotlight and strong shadows.








18. Create an interior with a window. Explore directional light and environmental texture using an HDR I image.








19. Explore contour. Create a series of ceramic porcelain phases using a curve and spin modifier.








20. The vertical grid… Create a wall series using an open cube with internally modified space. Explore multiple light sources and directional light through the grid casting shadows on the plane.












21. Nesting wireframe cubes… Render and brass or gold. Create variations by rotating internal structures in both the X and Y axis.

Video, Part 1

Video Part 2








22. Model a glass bowl and a cloth napkin that has fallen into it. Exploration of animation and the physics module.






23 Radial organic sculpture