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Getting Started in Illustrator CC, 10 things you need to know how to do….  Terry White demonstrates these in a 42 minute video on YouTube

Notes on the video....

1) Setting up your new document. Print, Web, Resolution and Color important... RGB, CMYK, etc.

2) Drawing objects… start with a square shape. Modify, move.  2 rectangles overlapped

3) Stroke and Fill toggle between the 2… control panel for colors and point size on stroke

4) Selection Tool and Direct selection Tool. Shift key, alt-shift.  Deselect by clicking away…

5) Combining shapes, black stroke, no fill, ellipse tool, constrain to perfect shape with shift key.. smart guides light up… align functions in control panel. Selection, alt key to duplicate. Select all… make ying yang.  Shape builder tool

6) Use pen tool, straight lines and Bezier curves.  Line tool… draw lines, stroke panel, arrowheads… customize arrow.. pencil to free form draw, easier with tablet.  Blob Brush gives a filled path...Ctrl-Y for outline. Most used is the paintbrush… brushes panel, charcoal brush, bristle brush to look painted, open brush library, decorative brushes and seals, etc…

7) Tracing.  File>Place>Green leaf.jpg, zoom in to see anti aliasing. Use Window>Image Trace>Low Fidelity Photo… now have vector.  Try Silhouettes.  Click "Expand" at top then in swatches make whatever color or pattern… make a pattern by Object>pattern>make. Create size, orientation and color differences with it then click "Done"

8) Artboards File >New, How many Artboards?  Artboard tool can draw new artboard in document… Whay multiple artboards? To create a campaign on different artboards… flyer, mailer, web banner, letterhead…

9)Understand layers , sub layers. Click arrow, now see both objects, square and circle.  Make a new layer on layer 2 then move to layer 1 by  click target, move blue box up.

10) File Export, File Save as, Illustrator file, .ai, EPS to put in another program like non Adobe program, pdf.  Save down to older version of Illustrator

How to Create a Logo in Adobe Illustrator CC, Start to Finish

10 min. Terry White Video

Type on a path, use royalty free artwork

1. create new 5"X5" artboard

2. Go to Creative Cloud Panel (top right) Click Assets then do a search for "Dolphin"

3. Sync it to the Creative Cloud Library you are using. Comes into AI in Adobe Demos panel, scale it to artboard, use shift to not skew it.

4. Use pencil tool to draw arcs that mimic the shape of dolphin. Pencil fidelity is full "smooth". Can also use pen tool.

5. Can refine arc by drawing arc over and over. Control-Y will show paths at anytime.

6. Choose T "Type on a path" too. "Project Dolphin". Ctrl>A to select all, Crtl>> (greater than symbol) to make type larger, <, smaller Sans Serif , bold font.

7. Lower path, "Since 1985" Flow text or link between paths.

8. Pick bar up with select tool to move around. Tilt, move, etc. to refine.

9. Color for Dolphin... Can try free Adobe Ap "Adobe Color"with iPhone (not necessary) Can also use Kuler color scheme. Select type, choose color. Can also use to color vector dolphin.



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