Strange Attractor Wire sculpture
Open Cuboctahedron
Wire Sculpture

            Wire Sculpture in Blender: The Strange Attractor


1- Download, a bit of python code located on github

unpack zip file (un zip it)

2. Open Blender, File>user preferences below, install add on, browse to unzipped file, click on it then install addon.

3. In the search box in user preferences, type attractor to locate the addon, then select it, "Add Curve:Strange Attractors" then click "save user settings"

4. Delete the start up cube, Choose Cycles Render at the top of the screen in place of Blender Render.

5. Shift-A, add Curve>Attractors.... choose Aizawa

6. Now to add volume click Shif-A, Add a Curve>Circle, then select the Aizawa curve.

7. Click on the curve icon next to the modifier (wrench) icon, then in the settings under Bevel, click on Bezier Circle. You will see a huge indented ball on the screen.

8. Now in the top right, in the Outliner Window, select "Bexier Circle"

9. Click "S" to scale it down by dragging the mouse. Choose an appropriate wire diameter.

Congratulations, the modeling is done... now time to set up the lighting and the materials.

1. put the 3D cursor below the object, Shift-A, Add "Mesh>Plane"

2. "S", 100, left click.

3. Select the lamp in the outliner window, choose sun, increase size to 1, click use nodes, set the strength to 6.

Next to object mode, select "rendered" view, make the "World" darker

4. With plane selected, "materials>Glossy, Roughness .1, color, dark

5. Select orb, materials> new, glossy, color gold, roughness .2

Use GPU compute in render settings.

6. Select Camera, "N", click lock camera to view, press "N"

7. Sampling: 300

8. Click on layers icon next to camera and click on "Denoising"


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