MAKE A Porcelain CUP, BOWL, VASE, etc

New> delete cube

Add> Cylinder... lower left change "Cap Fill Type" to "Triangle Fan"

edit mode, wireframe
front ortho (numpad 1)

zoom in, hover cursor over object and press ctrl-R, subdivide loops command
scroll wheel up to make 5 loops then press lt mouse button toggle a to deselect all

select top vert., squash down about 1/2 the distance to next ring with blue arrow
scale (S) .9, enter
a, b, select middle 2 , scale 1.05, enter, a,b select bottom, s, .8, enter, a to deselect

Handle now....

Object mode, solid. Pan left make origin pt to right of cup, add >curve>path (top tab) click EDIT mode now see 5 nodes select 1st on lt click on nodes to shape it like a handle. keep front edge vertical

Go to Object mode and Add Curve>Circle, scale to .2
Go to select handle click on object data button, geometry section, bevel object, select bevier circle. Now change resolution to 1 from 12 with "preview" tab. rotate to see that handle is now a square shape.

Select handle and convert to mesh object by clicking Alt>C and choose mesh from curve. Delete circle.
Line up handle #7 top fiew, 1 to front view ortho move cup closer to handle... join both by selecting both hold shift key. ctrl>J to combine into a single object

Edit mode A deselect everything face mode (edt) Rotate object and delete faces on cup top 2, bottom 2, delete faces...

Join handle to cup ... select edges in edit mode join edges by selecting 3 edges then fill in a face with "F" key

Save File... now part 2

Make inside

select wireframe> #1 , select vertices, selects top v's, now Extrude E key, then enter to same point
S, .8, enter 1key to front, e,z down to top row scale t get parallel to outside
E, Z rt mouse ,s scale to make parallel, e, z, , etc... at bottom, scale , e to same point, enter... merge new points at bottom
left side tools tab, merge "at center" inside now finished.
wireframe to solid and object

Smooth button once add modifier subdivision to 3 both view and render.

Set materials... click orb (materials button) click New>Mix Shader
1st shade choose "Diffuse BSDF", make light gray
2nd shade choose "Glossy" set roughness to "0" press enter. leave this one white.
Set "FAC" to .14 (controls the blend of the two surfaces
1 to front view, set origin right below, add mesh plane. Scale 3X S,3, enter 1 on num pad, pull plane up to cup
set material, New surface diffuse, light blue color

Create light source. Zoom out go to top rt of camera set origin behind camera add plane r, 45 enter scale , s,5 enter with still selected new material, new, emission, strength to 10

To see scene, press 0 on num pad

View> properties click> lock camera to get rid of that menu, click view , properties again, scroll wheel to zoom, and pan... now render, click camera, render, or f12

Now render with more samples, section "sampling" samples render, change to 100 to 1000, try 250 samples.
White pixels are called fireflys, set clamp value to .98 to avoid fireflies. Now render at 250 (couple of minutes)

Save image, cursor over image, "F3" name "cup.png". Output section on right can change to jpeg.

Select directory . f11 takes you back to render view if you hit escape to see the camera view before the render.... save project as blend file.