Three Dimensional Design
Albertus Magnus College
Jerry Nevins, Professor
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For Information about Buckminster Fuller: The Buckminster Fuller web site:

Pantheon in Rome: and

St Pauls Cathedral: 1) St Pauls Cathedral site: 2) Immersive 3-D tour of the inside of the cathedral....

The Eden Project, Cornwall

Bucky Balls or Fullerenes: 1) The Creative Science Centre:

The Sussex University Fullerene Group:

SEED web site (Schlumberger) - The International oil company's science

1996 Chemistry Nobel Prize

See the Canadian 'Geodesic Club House' web site for information about the 'newspaper' design:

Suggested Reading:

Wucius Wong, Principles of Three Dimensional Design
                     - Designing with the Computer

Zeier, Paper Constructions

Stevens, Peter, Structure in Nature is a Strategy for Design

                       -Patterns in Nature

Fuller, Buckminster, Synergetics, Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking

Critchlow, Keith, Order in Space

The Golden Section Discussion of historical references in ancient Greece.

Timaeus, Plato, 360 BC, Online at MIT

Discussion of Timaeus, Plato's "theory of everything", Platonic solids, Euclid, etc at

Polyhedra and Art, an excellent site by George Hart, Professor at SUNY Stonybrook
"Through history, polyhedra have been closely associated with the world of art. The peak of this relationship was certainly in the Renaissance."

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Alabaster 10" X 4" Student work
from 3-D Course

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.
::: Frank Lloyd Wright :::
Student project, Tetrahedral forms
22" X 14", Bristol Board
From Weeks 3-4
Student Work, Weeks 5-6
Modular High Relief
Bristol board, Mat Board, 16" X 16"
Student work, Week 7
Bristol Board
10" X 9"

The Folded Book
Student Work
Weeks 9 - 10

Octahedral Columns
Weeks 14-15
24" H X 12" w, Bristol Board