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Graphic Design II is a continualtion of Graphic Design I and more fully explores the interaction of text and image. You will become more independent in your use of fundamental components of graphic communication. You will create independent and creative solutions to a series of design problems. Your knowledge of and exposure to contemporary design issues and graphic design history will be an important component of this course. You will be expected to expand your proficiency in all aspects of the design process, including creative brainstorming, conceptualizing, critical thinking, collaboration, and presentation. Your ability to take an idea to print stage using Photoshop is assumed. You will learn some Illustrator CS2-6 to create original illustrations for use in your layouts. You will create multi-page projects using InDesign CS2-6.

The main focus of this semester will be page layout and design. How are graphic designers using typography and images to design compelling magazine layouts?

Course Goals

-To become proficient in using Adobe InDesign to create layouts for book and magazine layouts.

-Learn how to design with typography and images using the advanced tools in InDesign.

-Understand resolution and file management for high quality press output.

-Learn advanced type styling techniques.

-Problem solve links, and learn proper ways to save work including packaging and pdf making.

Technical Topics to be covered include:
Advanced Topics in Photoshop
Introduction to InDesign
Introduction to Adobe Acrobat Professional

Assignments will include 4 major projects to be executed on paper. Your final portfolio will include the final, printed examples of that work as well as electronic variations and trials leading up to your finished, final solutions.


Watch my video "Getting Started With InDesign" how do design the first project.. magazine cover.

Watch this excellent 1 1/2 hr introduction to InDesign by graphic designer Andy Graber filmed at B and H photo education space in NYC.

ADOBE TV 56 short videos covery everything you would ever need to know for InDesign

Project 1... Redesign a magazine cover using InDesign. You may choose any magazine. Covers may be found online through a Google Images search. As a warm up, you can try to copy the layout exactly.

Watch my video "Getting Started With InDesign" how do design the first project, a magazine cover.

InDesign Finish Magazine cover, create 2 page spread layout including text and images. Video, InDesign, Part II

How to make a brochure with InDesign. 17 minute series of videos on getting started from Adobe.

Excellent tutorial on creating a magazine cover in InDesign from Shutterstock.

Project 2
Design One page magazine layout incorporating Image(s), headline and text. This should include columns of text, headlines, a sidebar and one or more images.

Step by Step short videos on building a magazine layout sign up for a free month at InLearning to access the entire course.

Using InDesign, create one page that could be used in a high end magazine such as Dwell,  Real Simple or Rolling Stone. Use Lorem Ipsum text and match as closely as possible the typographic conventions each magazine uses. For headline, just type the same head...

Use Google Images to see examples of one and two page layouts for higher-end magazines such as Dwell, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Vogue, Etc.

Export your projects as a .pdf and save to your Google drive. Create 3 pieces

Project 3
Design Two page magazine layout as above. 3 pieces

Adobe: Magazine layout with InDesign Free tutorials

Sketch out some layout ideas in Photoshop using text, images and headline typography. Create 3 different "comps".

Project 4 Design a tri-fold brochure.

How to make a brochure with InDesign. 17 minute series of videos on getting started from Adobe.

Look at this series of brochures form Save one to your local computer to use as a template.

Project 5
Design a 4 page Newsletter incorporating images and text with an empasis on grid design, consistency and choherence. Use InDesign to create template for and realize project. Demonstrate advanced understanding of leading, kerning design, etc.

Video Tutorial from Adobe on using a template to create a newsletter

The samples below can be used as a template for other newsletters... just click on one to make the image full size, then save the image and place it in you document.

Excellent samples here... You may also save one from this collection to use as a reference.

Project 6
Design Personal letterhead, envelope and business card

Look at these from Emulate one found here.


Academic Expectations: Attend all classes, care about your work, make progress in the medium, help and cooperate with your classmates, take risks, make mistakes. Your grade will be based on your willingness to achieve the above as well as a portfolio of 15 pieces due at the end of the session. A maximum of 3 absences is allowed, with or without a valid excuse. After that your grade will drop.

Required Reading:

Numerous Photoshop tutorials online at

Master list of projects/ideas at

Suggested Reading:

Before and after Page Design: Design Principles Made Visible, John McWade, Peachpit Press, 2003

The Non-Designer's Design Book, Second Edition - Robin Williams (Author); Paperback

Layout Index: Brochure, Web Design, Poster, Flyer, Advertising, Page Layout, Newsletter, Stationery Index - Jim Krause; Paperback

Tradition of Honor: As a member of the Albertus Magnus College Community, each student taking this course agrees to uphold the principles of honor set forth by this community, to defend these principles against abuse or misuse and to abide by the regulations of the College. To this end, every student must write and sign the following statement at the end of each examination: "I declare the Honor Pledge."

Tradition of Respect: In our class: 1) Everyone is allowed to feel they can work and learn in a safe and caring environment; 2) Everyone learns about, understands, appreciates, and respects varied races, classes, genders, physical and mental abilities, and sexualities; 3) Everyone matters; 4) All individuals are to be respected and treated with dignity and civility; and 5) Everyone shares the responsibility for making our class, and the College, a positive and better place to live, work, and learn.

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Prevention of Power-Based Violence Resources 

If you or someone you know is concerned about, have experienced, or currently are experiencing sexual harassment, assault, power-based violence, or stalking, there are many resources available both on and off campus for students to utilize.Click on the link above or here

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