AR 314 Advanced Graphic Design I


                                   AR 314 Graphic Design III
                                    Albertus Magnus College
                                     Jerry Nevins, Professor

                      Phone: 773-8546, office, 203 Aquinas Hall



Graphic Design III is intended to be a continuation of the work begun in Graphic Design I and II and at its heart is about the skillful interaction of text forms and images into cohesive, clean designs.

With a variety of devices accessing websites and current standards for interactivity and motion graphics, most engaging websites are coded using HTML5 and CSS. As this is not a coding class, we will concentrate on designing websites using Photoshop first, then move onto working with templates in Adobe Dreaweaver and replacing pre-coded elements with your own content. Finally you will create a live website using the free version of Wix to be a showcase highlighting work created at Albertus.

Look at this example of a student (Albertus) website using Wix

Technical Topics:

Introduction to Dreamweaver
Explore Squarespace, Weebly, Jimdo, Tumblr, Wix
Editing photographs for use in your projects
Scaling and setting up linked image galleries
Understand information hierarchies
Linking, hypertext, problem solving
Color design and integration across your site
Page layout and design for the monitor
Understanding FTP

Goals of the Course:

-Plan a Web site design based on the function and content of the information to be delivered. Extend that understanding to helping solve client needs in the future.

-Create a site map that visually shows the plan of each page in your site and how the architecture of the site is conceived.

-Develop user-friendly pages with bandwidth-saving techniques and clear navigation systems.

-Integrate prior graphic design experience to the Web site design.

-Develop Color Schemes using Adobe Kuler or

Color Scheme Designer

No code website builders

ADOBE TV Dozens of Videos from Adobe on using Dreamweaver.

Assignment I Research artist websites that appeal to you and take screen shots of 4 landing or home pages to archive in your Drive. Recreate them in terms of their structure and form but using your own content. Use Photoshop to design them. Work up several more using MidJourney AI v4. Create a fictional product with the AI as demonstrated in the following video.

Take a look at this 3 1/2 min video to get started

Assignment II Using templates built into Adobe Dreamweaver and/or free website templates found on the web, replace the elements of the template with your own content. Create a 4 page interactive website with a home page, and about page, a resume page and a gallery page, showcasing your creative work from prior art classes.

Assignment III. Develop a comprehensive personal website which promotes you and your visual portfolio work you have done to date at Albertus. Include an About Me page, Resume and Gallery page with links out to individual pages of images.

Develop front page sites using 3 or 4 of the "free" site builders such as Squarespace, Weebly, Jimdo, Tumblr, Wix.

Webflow offers a free drag and drop html editor and will host your site for free. Take a look at Savana Massias' site.

Review and links to Free WTSIWYG website editors build a live portfolio site... free

Video: How to use Crop tool to Resize and not Skew in Photoshop

AI Tools that can be very useful


Dall E2: Image generation from text prompts
Astria: Another AI image generator
Jasper: Jasper is an AI Copywriter.
Luma Ai: build 3D meshes using your phone cam
Runway ML: AI image generator browser based

Academic Expectations:

Attend all classes, care about your work, make progress in the medium, help and cooperate with your classmates, take risks, make mistakes. Your grade will be based on your willingness to achieve the above as well as a portfolio of the pieces outlined above, due at the end of the semester. Atendance is important.

Tradition of Honor: As a member of the Albertus Magnus College Community, each student taking this course agrees to uphold the principles of honor set forth by this community, to defend these principles against abuse or misuse and to abide by the regulations of the College. To this end, every student must write and sign the following statement at the end of each examination: "I declare the Honor Pledge."

Tradition of Respect: In our class: 1) Everyone is allowed to feel they can work and learn in a safe and caring environment; 2) Everyone learns about, understands, appreciates, and respects varied races, classes, genders, physical and mental abilities, and sexualities; 3) Everyone matters; 4) All individuals are to be respected and treated with dignity and civility; and 5) Everyone shares the responsibility for making our class, and the College, a positive and better place to live, work, and learn.

Accommodations for Special Needs:
Albertus Magnus College is committed to ensuring that all qualified students with disabilities are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from its programs and services in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. The Office of Disability Services is responsible for the determination of appropriate accommodations for students who encounter barriers due to disability. Contact the Office of Disability Services at or 203-672-6671 to schedule an intake interview and provide documentation. If the documentation supports your request for reasonable accommodations, the Office of Disability Services will provide you and your instructor with a Letter of Accommodation. Please discuss the accommodations with your instructors as early in your courses as possible

The Germain Center for Academic Success provides quality tutoring services to all students at Albertus Magnus College. Students can make appointments by booking through Navigate, emailing, or calling 203-773-8590. The Germain Center is open for normal hours during the academic year (Monday-Thursday, 9:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.; Friday, 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.; Saturday, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.) and abbreviated, virtual hours during the winter intersession and mod five. Further, (Online Tutoring 24/7) provides online tutoring for many subjects throughout the year -- even when the Germain Center is closed. Students can access through the link at the top of their eLearning pages. If students have any questions about tutoring, they can email

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The Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and the Business Office are now located in the former PGS suite, now called the Student Administrative Services Suite, found on the ground floor of Aquinas Hall.

Prevention of Power-Based Violence Resources 

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Albertus Magnus College adheres to the definition of a credit hour in compliance with, and as defined by, NECHE commission policy.

Required Reading:
Numerous Photoshop tutorials online at

ADOBE TV Dozens of Videos from Adobe on using Dreamweaver.

Any mass market bookstore will have numerous Photoshop titles for sale in the computer section. Although not required you may want to pick up a book that fits your budget an learning style to have as a reference.

Suggested Reading:

The Non-Designer's Design Book, Second Edition - Robin Williams (Author); Paperback

Niederst, Jennifer. Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, Graphics, and Beyond. Sebastopol, CA:O'Reilly, 2003.

Prevention of Power-Based Violence Resources 

If you or someone you know is concerned about, have experienced, or currently are experiencing sexual harassment, assault, power-based violence, or stalking, there are many resources available both on and off campus for students to utilize.Click on the link above or here

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