How to Use the Writing Center


The Writing Center, which is a part of the comprehensive Writing Program as well as
the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, is staffed by professional peer tutors,
called Writing Associates. The Writing Center offers students an opportunity to develop
as writers and gain confidence and experience with the writing process.

The Writing Center Can Support Your Students' Writing

• WAs teach students how to revise their own essays.
As Stephen North wrote in “The Idea of a Writing
Center,” a WA’s job is to “Make better writers, not
better writing.” To do this, WAs follow our Higher
Order Concern policy, focusing first on making sure
the writing fulfills the assignment, has a thesis, has
correct structure, and contains proper citation. After
the “big picture” is addressed, WAs focus on
grammar and mechanics. WAs accomplish as much
as they can during the hour-long appointment;
however, it is normal for an essay to contain errors
after a session. After all, revision takes time. In
these cases, students are encouraged to return for
another appointment.

• For every appointment your student makes at the
Writing Center, you will receive a Visit Verification
form in which the WA will explain what he or she
covered during the appointment.

• WAs are trained to support students with a number
of discipline-specific writing assignments but
should be expected to help students with the writing
and not the content. The content-knowledge should
come from the student.

• If you have the sense that WAs aren’t certain how to
help your students with an assignment, please
contact me. We can take the opportunity to work
together to make sure the Writing Center continues
to support your students’ writing.

• You are welcome to come to our monthly pizza
luncheons to discuss ways the WAs can best support
your students’ writing.

• If you have questions or concerns, please contact
me at or 672-6671.

Helpful for Students to Know:

Appointments must be made two days in
advance. Students can make an appointment by
calling the Writing Center (773-8590), emailing
the Writing Center ( or
coming to speak to us in person during our
regular hours. For a “W” requirement
appointment, students must bring a draft.
The Writing Center, which is located on the
second floor of Rosary Hall, is open from:
9:00am-8:00pm on Monday-Thursday
9:00am-3:00pm on Friday