Mirrored Repeat Patterns

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way.. things I had no words for. ::: Georgia O'Keeffe :::::


Using Mirror Symmetry in a Grid

Take one of your modules from the previous assignment. Select all then copy and paste four times.





Increase the canvas size by 200 percent

Layout your modules into a four tile repeat pattern.






Now mirror image each tile to the one across from it. Click Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical. One tile needs to be flipped both horizontally and vertically. Here's what it looks like:






Now, flatten the layers down.... Layer>Flatten Image

Select all>Edit Copy>Edit Paste... paste 3 more copies.

Increase canvas size again 300 more percent. Image>Canvas Size.

Here are the cloned 4 part modules arranged on the new canvas.....











Try Variations... layout the original tile so a differnt edge is mirored. Try inverting or reversing white for black to see how positive and negative space reverse... (Ctrl-I). What about alternate tiles reversing? What else can you imagine?

As always, make prints of all your efforts and save them in your design portfoli







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Mirrored 4 way module
Reverse alternate blocks (ctrl-I)