AH251 The Museum Experience
Jerry Nevins, Professor


Week 1: Preparation...

Systems up and running. Create your blog, join class blog, post your schedule of visits for each week to your chosen museums on you blog.3 museums are mandatory, The Met in NYC, The Atheneum in Hartford and the Yale Art Gallery. The other 3 should be chosen from the museums listed on the syllabus. If you are going back to New York or to Boston, for instance, you may choose a major institution in those cities not on the syllabus, i.e., MOMA in NYC or the MFA in Boston. Grading will be done Monday mornings before 11:30 am... Write a 1 paragraph essay as a response to your readings linked to the class syllabus.

Week 2: First Paper and Photographs ...

Post to your blog your paper and photographs from your outing by Monday morning, .Grades based on the paper, your images illustrating your chosen piece and the participation in the class as evidenced by two posts to the blog 1 invitation to your blog and a description of what you did for the week and a 1 paragraph response to reading or preparation for your visit....comments on other's work on their blogs is important.I will be looking for two class blog posts for attendance.

Week 3: Second Paper and Photographs...

Note: I have revised the requirements for the class to include 4 papers and 2 weeks or visits of photographs and captions about your visit... You may choose which 2 papers will be replaced by your images. Again, grading will be on Monday morning. See Week 2 about expectations.

Weeks 4 - 6 , Third, fourth and fifth a assignments due each Monday morning.

Week 7, Finish up week. You may revise any previous work for a better grade and submit it this week. Be sure to communicate you intentions to me if this is the case. You may make up 1 paper that was not submitted at all in pervious weeks. I won't allow multiple papers to be submitted for the first time this week.... it is too late for that. Wednesday, December 17th will be the absolute deadline for all work.

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Ceiling of the Great Hall
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York City