More Dots... Discovered Design

I can't always reach the image in my mind.. almost never, in fact.. so that the abstract image I create is not quite there, but it gets to the point where I can leave it. ::: Chuck Close :::


Positive/negative... figure and ground... the discovered design

Open a new file in Photoshop and make it 10" X 10" at print resolution (240 ppi)

Turn on the grid view>show>grid.

Choose the circle marquee tool, hold down shift and alt, click and drag a circle. With black in the foreground color position, use the bucket and fill with black. Switch to the move tool and hold down the alt key. Drag a copy of the circle... repeat as many time as you would like. Try a few different sizes of circles. Don't be concerned about making a coherent design. Fill up the canvas with large and small circles.









Now, use the square marquee tool and hold down the shift and alt keys. find selected areas you think might have interesting designs. Copy the selection (ctrl-C), open a new document (ctrl-N), ok, then paste the segment (ctrl-V).















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8" X 8"

Notice the interesting relationship between the positive and negative space... Which are the most pleasing designs?   

Notice how you work intuitively to find a good design, even though the process seems random.

Arrange these frames on a page and print them out... add this print to your design portfolio.