Rotation and Its Many Permutations

Radial Symmetry....

Like the furtive collectors of stolen art, cell biologists are forced to be lonely admirers of spectacular architecture, exquisite symmetry, dramas of violence and death, mobility, self-sacrifice and, yes, rococo sex.

Lorraine Lee Cudmore

As a designer, you become much more than an admirer.

Take a Letter form... In this case I chose Edwardian Script at 120 pt. copy and paste it 6 times. Rotate each unit (Edit>Transform>Rotate... in the angle box on the options bar type in multiples of 60 degrees.)












For variations, try 8, 10 or 12 units (n/360) for the number of degrees to type into the options bar. Here's 12 done with a simple operation.... use the wand to select one letter, Go to Menu>Select Similar... copy and paste then free transform (Ctrl-T).. Rotate flatten layers then print.












Now Select the whole unit, make your canvas larger and copy and paste it multiple times... experiment with various scalings, overlaps, inversions, etc. Remember, you are expected to start with this idea and run with it... ultimately to make it your own.
















Uppercase S, Edwardian Script


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